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Shaji ThomasShaji Thomas - Founder
Business Professional and Serial Entrepreneur

Self-motivated and experienced Business Professional with more than 15 years experience working globally for Nokia in U.S and Germany. At Nokia was able to lead major global partnerships to implement innovative mobile services and solutions with companies like Facebook, Google, Red Bull, P&G, Oxfam, Youtube and other global brands.

Experience in leading Nokia’s first mobile CRM and m-commerce, as well as implementing innovative mobile solutions, business development strategies and services globally.

Have been into multiple entrepreneurial ventures in the area of e-commerce, mobile health solutions, children health digital solutions, mindfulness mobile app, co-work space as a Founder or Co-Founder for the last 5 plus years in Germany and India.

Avid investor in Cryptocurrency since 2014 and have helped clients to gain siginificant returns in the range of 1000 to Million USD.

Our company is based out of Blaubeuren, Germany and part of Thomas & Mathew Group.


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